no, not Shaun and Bez, just generally today I feel really happy – I had a really good day at work, I drove in and back home again which was nice (no fighting – well not literally – for seats on the train), there weren’t many cars on the roads (hello half term), and I had some different interesting things to do which made me feel involved with everything. Even better, because I’d had such a good day, when I got to nursery I asked about the nap-nappy situation, and I’m happy about that too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I was brought up, and things I’m doing which I remember from back then. I am not a good cook; not at all. I can cook vegetables and pasta or rice or quinoa with various sauces, and in the 30 minutes I have from getting home from work to getting the food on the table, I’m amazed we eat as well as we do – but our food has taken the shape of a routine. Let me share:

Monday : gluten free pasta and veg (and quorn if I remember)
Tuesday : soup or stir fry (depending on if we’ve seen friends, needs to be a very quick turnaround meal)
Wednesday : soup or stir fry (see Tuesday)
Thursday : curry veg, with quorn and basmati rice
Friday : baked potato
Saturday : rice and veg or pasta and veg
Sunday : if we’re too tired bangers and mash with more veg, or just something resembling a lazy Sunday dinner (with gravy).

and it’s pretty much repeat to fade. On weekends we’ll have toasties for lunch (just cheese), or raw carrot with hummous if we’ve had a late lunch. On the two weekdays I’m off it’s toasties on Tuesday and after swimming we always have falafel and tzaziki with pitta bread. Always.

I think I need to broaden my menu – we occasionally substitute quorn for tofu, sometimes for a veggie bake, but generally this is what we eat. I’m vegetarian, and have been since around 1983, whereas Shaun eats meat whenever he wants to (I refuse to cook it, I wouldn’t know what to do), and H can make her own mind up when she’s old enough. Whenever Shaun cooks meat he’ll do some for himself and H. (she has meat at nursery too)

So then I saw those evil evil The Book People who make me spend money have these really good looking books which appeal to my limited cooking skills, each recipe having no more than four ingredients. I can only hope that they’ve got some at his work tomorrow so I can start broadening my skills, we’re not unhealthy, we’re bored…