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We all got so excited yesterday – well, we being me and a few of my mum friends… there’s a Peppa Pig live show, and they’re coming to Croydon next year. There were front row seats available – and we’re just trying to get numbers together now… and oh.. the thought of H and her friends seeing Peppa on stage… and they’ll either explode with happiness and scream, or they’ll look on terrified “b-b-b-ut Peppa is on the tv…” I think it’s us parents who are the most excited. What can you expect when you take a group of two and a half year olds to something they’ve all become obsessed with as time has progressed?

It’s too good an opportunity to miss, tickets will be bought, and we’ve safety in numbers. What could possibly go wrong? (apart from a strategically placed merch stand of course, and a demanding toddler wanting a ‘dine-saw’ or something)

I really wanted to take H to see The Wiggles live, as she really likes them, but we never got around to it, although it would be age-appropriate – so that might happen in the future too…. plus we had a session sitting watching seven episodes of The Bopps again yesterday (I love shows which are 5 minutes long) which was good for a dance around the living room at the end (with lots of “mummy pick me up” requests politely declined thanks to the back troubles) and I bet they’ll be coming soon too as they seem pretty active live.

It’s all good… but it does make me think – I went to my first gig back in 1983 (Duran Duran, Leeds Queens Hall, fact fans, on the Seven and the Ragged Tiger Tour) when I was thirteen – and here I am taking my little one to experience her first (potential) musical moments at the grand age of two and a half… my earliest memory has to be when I was three or four (I stuck some paper in the grid of the fire and scorched the front room carpet- my punishment? No tomato soup – I was mortified, and the saddest little girl in the world, ever because of it) – H isn’t going to remember a thing about this in later life. Is it all too soon?

But then what if Peppa Pig stops? What if The Wiggles split or stop touring? What if The Bopps stop? What then? Sure, things replace them… but is this all for me really?

Then again, I remember from an early age going to see things at York Theatre Royal (The Sooty Show springs to mind, I think I’ve still got my ‘I Love Sooty’ badge somewhere). Which brings on my biggest conundrum of all. Almost every year, without fail, I go to the pantomime at York Theatre Royal… Berwick Kaler has been writing and starring in it for well over thirty years, and really truly, Alfred Hickling got this so right (he’s from York, so he understands) – particularly the line “But we started taking a nephew and niece when they were wide-eyed tots, and they have since developed into fine, handsome teenagers” – oh, and I have a Wagon Wheel – carefully kept and uneaten of course – it’s like a gold medal of panto (and probably about 8 years old now). Oh what to do… This year it’s ‘The York Family Robinson‘. Sighh….