We decided on Pizza Express – well, I say “we” – hubs preferred it, and as he’d had two days of evil exams plus two months of study, he got to choose.

Pizza Express is great for kids, they’ve a separate menu where you get a starter, pizza, ice cream and a bambuccino for £6.50 which would normally be enough for me (except I’d had nothing since breakfast). Add to that there’s good chairs, the right height for the table, although no extra bits to fasten them in – so H would decide after one course she wanted to “get out” and “stand up” and so on… at one point she had one leg dangling out the back, with another out the front. Oops.

Anyway, the food arrived hot, very hot, but cooled quickly thank goodness. H got a plastic cup with a straw which was a necessity, though her ice cream came in a glass – not ideal. Best of all, they gave us crayons and a piece of paper to draw on – H loves drawing, so was very happy with that.

We all went home full and tired, which meant I got the evening off cooking, which is the best of all – and H behaved so well the whole time, and got on with eating without a fuss. Phew.