I think I thought I was meant to be the parent, the one who decides what goes on and is in control of it all. It would appear not.

We have Exhibit A – the two and a half year old who occasionally gets so angry she loses control and hits mummy and daddy while screaming the exact opposite of what you want to be doing, or something you asked her to do a couple of minutes beforehand (n.b. this usually applies when she’s tired and not all the time)

Exhibit B – the people at nursery, who nicely ask if she can go back into pull-ups as she’s had two accidents at naptime now, and the Dry Like Me pads aren’t absorbing her wee. (but they’re NOT MEANT TO arghhhhhh) even though the pull-ups are dry when she naps. I didn’t have the energy to say otherwise.

Exhibit C – my work and the ongoing conversation about the fourth day.

Exhibit D – the Government who appear to be cutting what few benefits I get, thus affecting Exhibits A, B and C equally.

Oh if only I had some wine to hand…