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Once a month our local Girls School has a car boot sale, with fields full of stalls, and bargains to be had. Today was the first one after a summer break, which obviously we had to go to, there were bargains to be had, and where there’s bargains, there’s me. Mostly.

For next to nothing we picked up a few clothes – some handmade ones which will be great for me to try and make patterns from, and make more for H – as well as a George Pig with a Dine-saw cushion which has no purpose whatsoever, it would seem, other than it cost me 20p.

The stall that pleased me the most today, however, was a random chap who had tons of new books – it was like he’d been stocking up from somewhere, and selling them on for £1 a time (there was a deal for Mr Men books but we have all of those) – where we picked up a fabulous book called ‘The Terrible Plop’ – which was first published over here in January 2010 – it was originally published in Australia, and the story is based on a Tibetan myth. Essentially, it’s rhyme which is easy to read like ‘The Gruffalo’ – and H loved it, and found it funny (especially the word ‘plop’ which was what attracted me to the book in the first place). I don’t know whether she got the story properly, but it was extremely enjoyable and one which I know we’ll be reading a lot.

Pleasingly, we got an old-er school (not as old school as me, alas, probably only 10 or so years old) Topsy and Tim book about builders, which H has already demanded daddy read to her at least eight times.

Book man better be there next month… I need to keep feeding my book buying addiction…

Oh, and there were tears (not from H) over a Makka Pakka doll as the three toddlers headed home and towards naptime. I swear, I mean it, ‘In The Night Garden’ is a strange child drug, like the evil Nick-O-Teen was back in Look In magazine and those Superman adverts in the early 80’s. It lures them in far too easily… FAR too easily.