My pal Tracy lives in Saltdean near Brighton, and as Shaun needs peace to study and Tracy had a new baby three months ago, we arranged to visit her. Plus H hadn’t been to the seaside since Christmas/New Year so a trip to the sea was way overdue.


It seemed to be raining everywhere yesterday until we got to Saltdean and there was a break in the clouds – the sun shone down on us enough to walk to the sea, throw some pebbles into the sea and walk along the front. You can’t beat the sea air, plus H and S got to run around like crazy toddlers for a while which is always good.


We stopped at the White Cliffs Cafe for coffee and ice cream (more about that on Mum Friendly soon), then headed up a huuuge hill to get some food – I’m surprised Tracy doesn’t have calves of steel pushing a buggy up those hills – they’re seriously steep. Then it was just down to toddlers having some play time, until it was time to head back – past the Rottingdean Windmill (we are SO going there next time, it looks great), up the M23 and back home.