H was clingy again this morning. Shaun took her to the docs, sensibly I took a urine sample from her this morning, so that’s been sent off for testing, and she’s got cream, but the poor mite is so unhappy – she didn’t want to go to nursery – but we both have to go to work… unless we absolutely have to take the day off, which of course we would.

When your child is in tears not wanting to do something, there’s that awful fine line between her not wanting to do something and doing something which might start a habit, so she’ll always do it to spend more time with us, and knowing which is the right one. It’s hard. I didn’t have to deal with it too much this morning other than her telling me as she was getting dressed.

So now I’m at work hoping she’s alright at nursery, and dreading the phone ringing telling me I need to get her, but knowing if they do there’s no way I’d stay at work (and work would understand that), and just hoping that right now she’s napping and is settled and has forgotten about being upset.

Sometimes this parenting thing is hard work, if only for your conscience and knowing what’s right… or at least, hoping what’s right.